We apply following methodology for Search engine optimization:-

  1. We follow White Hat SEO Techniques.
  2. First of all we have to check wether the website is W3C Compitable. A website which is W3C compitable is considerd to be good one and search engine friendly.
  3. Addition of META TAGS for every pages of the website.Which includes Title tags and Description Tags for all pages.
  4. Addition of Meta Keywords Tag.
  5. Addition of XML SiteMaps, ROR Files also we investigate for Broken links, If we found any broken links than this is our responsibilty to fix it.
  6. Proper submission of the URL to google and other free search engines and monitering of results.
  7. If any client is interested for Keyword targeted google adwords, we also acomplish this task smartly.
  8. Apart from this Continuous blog writing to different forums like WordPress, Blogspot and redirect the blog link to other forums will bring more visitors and impressions to the website.
  9. One more Important thing the website should not have duplicate contents. If your website is crawled by google crawler but it finds duplicacy then it will create problem in crawling.